A scope (or schedule) is the official and detailed statement of activities for which the accredited body is granted accreditation. Extension to scope, who wish to add to or change their range of accredited activities. This process may cover a number of changes to an existing scope, including:

  • Addition of new conformity assessment activities (tests, inspections, calibrations, areas of certification, etc)
  • Addition of new locations (within the country or overseas)
  • Expansion into a new area of accreditation
  • Any other as applicable

CB’s wishing to extend their scope of accreditation need to apply.

On receipt of an application for an extension to scope review will be conducted whether the activity can be accredited An assessment of the extension to scope will be conducted within an agreed timeframe.

Following successful assessment and closure of any non-conformity raised during the assessment the extension to scope will be granted and added to the published schedule of Accreditation.

CB’s may apply for an extension to scope as and when accreditation will be required and/or 3 months in advance or when they consider they will be ready for an assessment to take place.