Accreditation is a procedure in which affirmation of competency, power, or validity is introduced. Associations that issue accreditations or ensure outsiders against standards are themselves formally authorize by accreditation bodies.

Consequently they are here and there known as “accredited Certification bodies”. The accreditation procedure guarantees that their affirmation practices are worthy, ordinarily implying that they are equipped to test and confirm outsiders, act morally and utilize suitable quality certification. In regular dialect the terms Accreditation and Certification are regularly utilized conversely. Be that as it may, these terms have particular implications.

ISO’s formal meaning of accreditation is “3rd party authentication identified with a conformity assessment body passing on formal show of its competence to complete particular similarity evaluation assignments.” (ISO/ IEC 17000:2004) Certificate is “3rd party confirmation identified with items, techniques, frameworks or persons.” (ISO/ IEC 17000:2004) Licensed Associations are known as Conformity Assessment Bodies(or CABs).

Accredited CAB’s give certification and review administrations to associations. Most Regularly ensured administration frameworks:

Generic Management Systems which are appropriate to all associations independent of nature of activities and Administrations.

  1. Quality Management Systems (QMS – ISO 9001)
  2. Environmental Management Systems (EMS – ISO 14001)
  3. Energy Management System (EnMS – ISO 50000)
  4. Occupational Heath and Safety Management System (OHSAS – 18001)

Sector Specific Management Systems which are appropriate to only those associations with dependent to nature of activities and Administrations.

  1. Medical Devices — Quality Management Systems(ISO – 13485)
  2. Technical Specifications for Automobile Industries (TS/ISO – 16949)
  3. Information Security Management System (ISMS – ISO 27001)
  4. Learning Services for Non-formal Education and Training (ISO – 29990)
  5. Food Safety Management System (FSMS – ISO 22000)